Facebreaker – Games

FaceBreaker is a new Franchise from Electronic Arts which gives a fresh take on the fighting game genre. With a pixaresque art style and innovative pick up and play gameplay, FaceBreaker provides a much more user friendly control scheme and is sure to be a big hit. But don’t be fooled by the base layer of gameplay, this brawler may look like something for the more casual crowd but it’s truly a game for the real hardcore gamer.

On FaceBreaker, I was a co-op designer in charge of designing and ensuring proper implementation of multiple game modes and front end screens.

One of the game modes I worked on was Couch Royale, a multiplayer game mode, which allows up to 6 players to play against each other with only 2 controllers! This mode allows for each player to have the stats tracked throughout this tournament, encouraging competition and trash talk between all players so they can really show who’s truly king of the couch.

Another game mode I worked on is Brawl for it All, a single player boxing tournament where users can play through with any character against the entire roster. This mode allows for players to earn belts along the way until they have beat every character in the game. This isn’t any normal single player mode though, each fighter has a weakness which users will need to exploit. The earlier fights may be easy, but prepare yourself for the fights which lay ahead.

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