Patchwork Playgrounds – Mods

Patchwork Playgrounds is a party game where players are able to collect new rules and objectives as they roam an arena. These rules alter the context of the game and allow for endless hours of exciting gameplay. Objectives are multiplayer in nature, giving the player’s extended interactive time. This creates a different play experience each time. Some of the objectives the players will be faced with could include but are not limited to: Tag, King of the Hill and Dodgeball. As players complete their objectives they receive points which are tallied at the end of each match to determine who the winner is.

On this project, I was the 3D Lead and Quality Assurance Lead and as far as my duties as the 3D lead go, I was in charge of modeling environment models and animation of each character. With our original 3 scheduled levels, many environment models were made and handed off to Tom to texture to add the much needed visual flare, players will find in our Mountain and Winter Wonderland levels. Using the expertise of our 3D modeling instructor, and a group of very talented 3D modeling students at VFS who I was in charge of interfacing with, we have 5 playable characters in the game who offer their own individual personalities.

Being the QA lead, I’ve been put in charge of scheduling test sessions, compiling a bug database, tester recruiting.

For Patchwork Playgrounds, several documents were created in order to establish and maintain a vision of the game as well as outlining our methods of development. The following documents, aside from the post mortem, were created as a collaboration between our four team members. The Documents can be found below for download:

Concept Document

Game Design Document

Test Plan

Post Mortem

The game is also available for download below. Please note that Unreal Tournament 2004 is required to play.

If you need more info, feel free to check out the following link on the Vancouver Film School website:

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